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Avoid a Second Bankruptcy

There is no second opinion to the fact that it is easy to fall back into debts even if you have had a good financial restart using a Chapter 7 bankruptcy process. Same is the case with debtors who have successfully paid off their creditors using an effective Chapter 13 reorganization plan. Statistics reveal that 16% of the bankruptcy filings are repeat ones and 8% of the filers are the ones who have declared bankruptcy earlier. Imagine the ordeal that one goes through in the bankruptcy process! Hence it is advised that a second time declaring / filing [...]


Possibility of Bankruptcy Relief – Marijuana Businesses?

It is widely known that California has expanded its legitimacy to the California Marijuana business. Hence the question pops up whether the Marijuana or other licensed cannabis businesses will enjoy equal/ same rights under federal law as in the case of other California businesses. That’s is the not case and reading through the below will explain in detail the background of these businesses and how they are restricted from declaring bankruptcy in their businesses. Cannabis businesses and the California Law Since 1996, possession of a small amount of marijuana has been decriminalized. Also, medical marijuana has been legalized [...]


Health Coverage – California

The number of Americans who want the appropriate Health coverage and costs connected with health care in the U.S have only grown exponentially. This is a disturbing phenomenon on the affordability of the health-care system and nevertheless, This had been a plan for Barack Obama, When He ran for the president in 2008. To reform health care to make it affordable and to have basic health insurance coverage for the citizens had the foremost action points for the president. As critical was this priority, The president threw the above within 14 months of his presidency stature. The enactment [...]


Business Debts

The interest in launching something innovative often leads to venturing into business initiatives. In the U.S. the individuals find great platforms and get good support to start their own business and this spirit of entrepreneurship is much appreciated by society. However, there are ample things to reckon before one decides to take the big plunge into the business world of U.S. – the business venture could either be big or small, the invention of the new or expansion of the old. The foremost factor to consider in starting a business venture is the availability of a proper business [...]


Bankruptcy Preparations in California

Many honest and upright taxpayers are having a tough time making ends meet. This is because of the overwhelming debts accumulated thanks to numerous credit card bills, medical bills, etc. Though undesirable, bankruptcy provides you with a clean slate to get a fresh start as far as unpaid dues are concerned, it is not a child’s play to declare bankruptcy, especially in California. With unforeseen expenditures like huge medical bills or divorce causing you to spend double the amount of money, there is a serious requirement for debt relief among people. It is important to be prepared for [...]


Bankruptcy and Bitcoin

The value of Bitcoin that had been launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, has shot up in its value over the years. Gone are the days that close to 10,000 bitcoins were needed to buy a Papa John’s pizza. It now trades at $6,500 and the price of each bitcoin increased to $20,000. Notwithstanding the changes in its trading value, The percentage of buyers or investors in bitcoin money has not declined. That is why we see many people all around the world, own bitcoins or other types of cryptocurrencies. Have you queried what happens to them or [...]

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