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What Happens to Your Car, When You File For Bankruptcy?

If you own a car through an automobile loan and are struggling to keep up with the installment dues, you might want to know what could be in a potential scenario, if you had filed for bankruptcy. In cities like Dallas, Houston, and other cities, where public transport is not exceptional and well connected, the car is more of a necessity than a luxury. Whether it be to run around the grocery errands or to manage the daily routines of work, kid’s school or any other things. People using their own car might find it extremely difficult to [...]


Bankruptcy and Assistance of Attorneys

Debt is never a great idea but sometimes, it becomes inevitable. When the interest mounts up with debt, there looks to be no way forward. If we consume more debt than we can repay, it becomes a crushing situation. U.S Bankruptcy code is certainly the last hope that can save your boat from drowning. This code has been set up to protect honest and hardworking people from a vicious cycle of debt. The code sets free businesses or individuals by releasing the debt/liability after educating them and by following a legal process of settling as much debt as [...]


Which Property is Exempted in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy under California’s Bankruptcy Laws?

While filing for bankruptcy is one of the ways to get ahead of the huge number of dues you have, people are often confused regarding what property they can keep. Since, effectively, bankruptcy is a method to allow people struggling with debt a chance to get a fresh financial start, federal and state exemptions are available in order to protect a bankruptcy filer’s property. while most states allow people to choose between federal and state bankruptcy exemptions, Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group inform that California does not do so. Any person who has lived in [...]


Bankruptcy Law For Fisherman and Farmers

Famers and fisherman hold an important place in the economy of the USA, still, there was no permanent law for them to declare bankruptcy. Of late, Chapter 12 is introduced for family farmers and family fisherman, who may want to seek bankruptcy law. To know about other Chapters and bankruptcy in the whole log on to Recovery Law Group. A brief history of Chapter 12 Chapter 12 was introduced by Congress to help farmers and fisherman who were struggling with debts during the emergency in 1986. However, it was a temporary structure that became permanent only in 2005. [...]


All You Need to Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is a code which allows you to repay debts as per a payment plan over the next 36-60 months. The payment plan focuses on retaining assets and debt pay off from disposable income. Chapter 13 can be advantageous, but you need to know many things about the same. The in-depth details about Chapter 13 will be discussed shortly. Eligibility Chapter 13 bankruptcy has some eligibility criteria just like other criterions. Firstly, there is a debt threshold for secured and unsecured debt. You might want to know about the threshold at Recovery Law Group. If you exceed [...]


Bankruptcy Basics of Chapter 7

Bankruptcy is designed as a means to give a debt-free fresh start to honest individuals who have fallen on bad times. Post-bankruptcy, debtors cannot be held liable for discharged debts. Consumers can file for bankruptcy under chapter 7 where all your non-exempt property is liquidated, and the proceeds are distributed among creditors as per Bankruptcy Code. Part of the property may be subject to mortgages and liens, while any unsecured debts (credit card bills, medical bills, etc.) which remain after the process are discharged. Though it sounds too good, there are other options available. According to Los Angeles, [...]


Bankruptcy and Median Income Calculation

Bankruptcy is not a very exciting position to be but there are a lot of choices, questions, problems that have to be addressed almost instantaneously. The first is to identify which Chapter are you looking to file your bankruptcy in. Either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Then you have to figure out if you are eligible for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7. If you are eligible, you have to understand the implications of the same and approach the bankruptcy court. Tests, Chapters and eligibility There are eligibility factors for each Chapter, and one cannot simply select the Chapter [...]


Can Some Part of Mortgage Debt be discharged during Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a sure shot way to get rid of huge financial debts. With a bankruptcy discharge, you can wipe off most unsecured debts and get a chance to have a clean financial slate to begin a fresh life. However, secured debts like mortgage and car loans are not discharged during bankruptcy; though, bankruptcy certainly helps you with mortgage debts confirm bankruptcy lawyers of Los Angeles based law firm Secured debts – Mortgages & Foreclosure A mortgage loan is a loan taken while purchasing your house. Since it is linked to a specific property, it is a [...]


Are Both Spouses Supposed to File For Bankruptcy Under California Law?

 The law is clear, a spouse's debts are not reflected on another’s credit. The federal law, as well as basic legal principles, dictate that separate credit files are maintained for both the spouses so that debts of one are not reflected on another’s credit file. It is therefore not mandatory for both husband and wife to file for bankruptcy. However, there are some exceptions to the rule, like when both spouses are co-signers on a personal loan, car loan or mortgage on the house, or they share credit card(s). In case, the California means test affects your bankruptcy [...]


Know About Transferring Assets Prior to the Bankruptcy Filing in California

The bankruptcy process is devised to provide people going through a bad financial situation a fresh start. Simultaneously care is also taken that the creditors are not given a raw deal. The court wishes to be fair in its dealings and therefore does not look kindly to any kind of transfers made to any family member or friend, especially of valuable property. Such transfers particularly prior to bankruptcy filing are considered to be fraudulent in nature. When can an asset transfer be treated as fraudulent? While filing for bankruptcy, you have to keep certain things in mind; transferring [...]

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