After Bankruptcy

Are Bankruptcy Records Open for All?

Going through a really bad financial crisis can be really traumatic for people. However, bankruptcy laws are designed to help individuals and companies out of the financial mess, so that they can begin their new lives with a financially clean slate. Automatic stays and discharge of debts are a great help to individual consumers who have filed for bankruptcy under chapter 7 or chapter 13. However, despite various benefits like foreclosure defense, debt relief, and financial stability, there are many concerns amongst people regarding their future. Bankruptcy lawyers of Recovery Law Group , a Sacramento based law firm [...]


A Concise Guide to Thriving Financially after Bankruptcy

No matter how indebted you were before, bankruptcy offers a chance to every individual and organization to start a fresh with a clean financial slate. However, one of the major concerns of most debtors is how to keep themselves afloat, steer clear of debt and prosper financially after their bankruptcy episode. Sacramento based law firm Recovery Law Group provides some excellent tips for you to flourish even after declaring and undergoing bankruptcy proceedings. […]


How to Recover your Finances After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a hard chapter in an individual’s life, however, a very long road lies ahead after your case wraps up. Any and all financial decisions you make after the bankruptcy case is over are going to be equally important. For regaining control of your finance, it is important that you consult expert bankruptcy attorneys such as those available at Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group. Tips to Rebuild Credit after Bankruptcy Case The most important point to take care of, once you are through with your bankruptcy case is to clear your financial dues and [...]


Unraveling Bankruptcy Myths – Common Misconceptions about Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is commonly thought of as a result of reckless spending. Many people believe in the adage, a fool, and his money soon part ways. Well, that is not always true, especially in bankruptcy cases. There might be a number of reasons why people have to file for bankruptcy, what happens after filing for bankruptcy and how is the credit score affected for debtors and bankruptcy filers. Here’s a look at some of the most common misconceptions related to bankruptcy and professional opinions of Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group lawyers on them. Myth 1: [...]


If You Thought Success after Bankruptcy is Not Possible, You Are in For a Surprise!

There are many misconceptions associated with bankruptcy. The most popular one being that successful people or business houses do not file for bankruptcy. Another myth is that once you have filed for bankruptcy, getting out from the ruins and making a name for yourself is impossible. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group would help break the myths associated with bankruptcy and success. Bankruptcy as a process is designed to help people out of the financial mess and help them start a fresh life. There have been many instances [...]

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