Can tax debts be discharged during bankruptcy?

Accumulation of unpaid dues can lead to people being burdened by debts. Bankruptcy is an excellent way to get many debts discharged. However, being able to get all debts discharged is extremely tough, though not impossible. Unsecured debts are often discharged after bankruptcy however debts such as education loan, government taxes, and child and spousal support, etc. cannot be discharged during bankruptcy. However, Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers Recovery Law Group say that even such debts can be discharged depending on the type of bankruptcy. For individuals filing chapter 13 bankruptcy, tax debts are paid off as per the [...]


Can Income Taxes be discharged in Bankruptcy?

The unsecured debts such as medical bills or credit card bills are discharged after people get a bankruptcy discharge. This is 3-4 months from a bankruptcy filing in case of Chapter 7 and after 3-5 years in the case of Chapter 13 repayment plan. However, some debts are not discharged like government taxes or spousal/child support, etc. Though under certain circumstances, local, state and federal income taxes can be discharged along with any interest and penalty fees in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, not all taxes are dischargeable. To discern which taxes can and [...]


Can Filing for Bankruptcy Help Protect Your California Contractor License

Can Filing for Bankruptcy Help Protect Your California Contractor License A lawsuit and a judgment against you can result in the suspension of your contractor’s license in the state of California. Bankruptcy is a great way to get over financial issues and get a fresh start for many people. It is also one of the best ways to prevent license suspension and discharge the judgment debt. As per Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers, Recovery Law Group, California and Federal Bankruptcy statutes state that Contractors State License Board (CSLB) cannot suspend a contractor’s license for non-payment for a judgment when [...]


Can Educational Loans be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is the best legal recourse available to people to get rid of unpaid dues accumulated due to miscalculated financial risks, heavy medical bills or long credit card bills. However, certain debts such as spousal and child support, government taxes and educational loans are not discharged even post-bankruptcy. Getting student loans written off during bankruptcy is extremely difficult, though not impossible, say Dallas based bankruptcy lawyers Recovery Law Group. By proving “undue hardship”, which incidentally is very difficult, one can get them cleared, however, the standards set by the court are extremely difficult to meet. According to the [...]


Can a Litigant Who has filed for Bankruptcy be harassed by Financial Servicing Company?

A plaintiff who had executed a mortgage loan from Bank of America, N.A. on April 16, 2007, was unable to make adequate payments to the bank. This resulted in the bank filing a foreclosure complaint against the plaintiff. Post this, the plaintiff filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 in January 2013, which resulted in automatic stay affording protection against any collection actions. In June 2013, a modification was made in Chapter 13 bankruptcy by the plaintiff, wherein they proposed to surrender the home to Bank of America, N.A. against their claims. This modified plan was confirmed in June [...]


Business Debts

The interest in launching something innovative often leads to venturing into business initiatives. In the U.S. the individuals find great platforms and get good support to start their own business and this spirit of entrepreneurship is much appreciated by society. However, there are ample things to reckon before one decides to take the big plunge into the business world of U.S. – the business venture could either be big or small, the invention of the new or expansion of the old. The foremost factor to consider in starting a business venture is the availability of a proper business [...]


Bankruptcy Trustee’s Role in Chapter 11 Filing

Almost all bankruptcy filings get a trustee assigned to their case by the court. Chapter 11 is no different in this regard and the role of the bankruptcy trustee in the Chapter 11 scenario is as follows: The U.S Trustee assigned by the court for Chapter 11 bankruptcy will oversee the entire case as it progresses and also review how the case is being administered The Trustee will also be responsible for monitoring the debtor under purview, while his business continues to operate normally The Trustee will be responsible for collecting the fee from the debtor. This is [...]


Bankruptcy Preparations in California

Many honest and upright taxpayers are having a tough time making ends meet. This is because of the overwhelming debts accumulated thanks to numerous credit card bills, medical bills, etc. Though undesirable, bankruptcy provides you with a clean slate to get a fresh start as far as unpaid dues are concerned, it is not a child’s play to declare bankruptcy, especially in California. With unforeseen expenditures like huge medical bills or divorce causing you to spend double the amount of money, there is a serious requirement for debt relief among people. It is important to be prepared for [...]


Bankruptcy Lawyers Guidance for Debt Relief Options

At Recovery law Group, we help you deal with in-excessive debt which you may have accumulated over the years. If you are a victim to insurmountable debt, do not worry, as we have experienced lawyers who will be at your service to bring you out of your misery. We will study your case, and support with you with the best available solution as per your case and scenario. Not only will we guide you in coming out of this debt, but also provide alternatives and options to help your overcome your dire days and take a fresh start [...]


Bankruptcy and Bitcoin

The value of Bitcoin that had been launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, has shot up in its value over the years. Gone are the days that close to 10,000 bitcoins were needed to buy a Papa John’s pizza. It now trades at $6,500 and the price of each bitcoin increased to $20,000. Notwithstanding the changes in its trading value, The percentage of buyers or investors in bitcoin money has not declined. That is why we see many people all around the world, own bitcoins or other types of cryptocurrencies. Have you queried what happens to them or [...]

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